Sun and sunflowers

Posted on 25 August 2015

It just goes to show a bit of positive thinking can change the weather completely! After a couple of months’ worth of rain the night before and torrential showers throughout the morning you would be forgiven for thinking that our chances of an outside ceremony were unlikely at best but our ever hopeful couple crossed their fingers and their wishes were granted with the sun breaking through just in time!

Walking down the aisle arm in arm with her very proud father, Kim looked stunning in her satin gown and her diamante sparkles down the back of her dress adding that extra wow factor as she made her way towards her husband to be. After a simple yet romantic ceremony Mr & Mrs Hick led their guests to the terrace cooler to choose their tipple of choice to enjoy in the warming weather.

After a few photos in the Folly gardens and endless amounts of fun on the Southwood Hall bouncy castle, it was soon time for our Master of Ceremonies Adie to invite everyone inside the barn to take their seat.

As they made their way inside they were greeted by little rays of sunflowers and some very luxurious purple table runners and chair sashes from KWF. Kim and Nigel had also made their own sunflower place cards which we adored – definitely worth the time and effort :)

After one of the biggest Bride and Groom’s welcome (a lot of chanting and dancing!) our guests were treated to a delicious three course meal including our sumptuous chocolate brownie and winning table carved beef ?. We love to see the surprise on guest’s faces when they are told they are going to carve for the table – priceless!!

This was followed by some speeches from Father of the Bride, Nigel and best man Steve who had prepared a very funny presentation about ‘The changing faces of Nigel & Kim’. Finally our couple were given a surprise gift from ‘Management’ (aka Adie) in the form of an antique French horn which he had personalised with an engraving for them. Kim went on to tell the guests all about the story behind it and how a miniature version had been passed around the Hick family for years.

With the evening continuing to look bright and warm guests retreated to the rear lawns for a spot of cricket and mingling while they awaiting the arrival of the extra evening guests.

As the band kick started their first set we welcomed Mr & Mrs Hick to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife and guests soon joined them for an evening of dancing, doughnuts and drinking!

Congratulations Kim and Nigel – we wish you all the best for the future as Mr & Mrs Hick ? xx