Frankie steals the show!


We quite possibly witnessed THE best arrival yesterday, not by our Bride but by her gorgeous little boy Frankie.

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Harriet & Luke


Ding dong rang the wedding bells for Luke and Harriet’s special day. A very traditional catholic service was an essential for our happy couple and Lord Deacon Hurrel was on hand to proudly pronounce them Mr and Mrs Telfer!

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Mr and Mrs Pull


Yesterday it was our pleasure to host a local family with a few familiar faces. It’s always nice to meet other members of the local community and to find that they can party hard!

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Laura and Luke


After specific instructions to cremate the sausage before burying it on Friday evening, we finally managed to host an outside ceremony under the Garden Rotunda for our gorgeous couple Laura and Luke.

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Mr and Mrs Normanton


Yesterday’s Bride was worth waiting for as she made her way from the Cartshed Lodge with her gorgeous Bridesmaids.

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Emilia & James


We received an enquiry from Emilia and James at the beginning of January 2014 and with Emilia’s surname matching one of our Coordinators’ surnames; we knew it was meant to be!

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